Happy Birthday to my Business!

This month is the third birthday of Empowered VA Services and in those three years I have definitely learnt a lot! In January 2017, I decided to stop doing things for free and start a business and it was the best thing that I decided to do! I didn’t want to write a rambly blog where I thank everyone who has helped me in the past three years because they know who they are and I thank them on a regular basis. Instead I am going to pick the top three things that I have learnt so far and then make it an anniversary post, starting next year, where I pick the one main thing I have learnt in the coming year and share it with you all. So this is to become a yearly thing (makes a note to myself on a post it note!)

1. Stay true to the people who helped you in the beginning
I have people who I still work with from the beginning. I haven’t changed their prices and I don’t plan on it because it’s not just about the work from them for me. It’s the fact that they took a chance on me. They taught me valuable business lessons, helped me get clients and opened up a huge network of business connections for me.

2. Plan, plan and plan again
I haven’t been very good at this and this is something that I am changing for 2020. I used to sit at my desk and do “a bit of this and a bit of that”. Now I will have set days for my clients so Monday will be Client A and so forth depending on how many hours I do for them a month.

3. Self Care is key!
Again this is another thing I am focusing on this year! I used to work 7 days a week and burn myself out. If I have a week where I do 7 days now some of them will be half days so that I can read or watch TV. Something where I can relax and not over do it. There is a blog to come in a couple of weeks on self care and why it has become of importance to me now!

Out of those three I would say number one is definitely the main thing that I have learnt this year. Those people who helped you at the start and who are still with you today are the most important connections that you will make!

I’ve learnt so much more than just these three things during my first few years but if I wanted to share them all I would be sat here for hours and my short blog would become a dissertation!

What are the main three things you have learnt since starting your business?

Creating the perfect balance between your work and your home life

Running your own business is hard enough as it is, especially in that start-up phase but when you throw in trying to have a personal life as well it feels like you’re juggling a million different things. If you’re anything like me, a workaholic who loves running her own business so puts in ALL the hours or if you’re working a job to pay the bills while you build up your business, you’ll be struggling to fit everything into the 24 hours a day we have!

Many people have been able to fall into that perfect balance between work and home lives and this can lead to feelings of jealousy those “why her and not me?” thoughts can be deafening as they yell in your head or the even louder thoughts of “how do they manage to build up a booming business with the perfect home life while I’m slogging my guts out trying to get myself a customer base?”

I’ve had those thoughts and yes sometimes I still get them now but I’ve started to be able to find a balance using some of the tips below so I wanted to share them here to see if they work for you!

“Use your calendar and set personal time throughout the day!”

It’s important that even during a workday you spend some time doing something for you. Even if it is just watching half an hour of that TV programme you really enjoy. It means your brain is getting chance to rest and your body can relax before you start again!

“Keep to a set schedule!”

Spend some time each evening before you switch off scheduling your time for the following day. That way you can get on with your to do list as soon as your workday starts. If you’ve scheduled everything ready you won’t need to work over your workday hours and can spend some time in the evening relaxing.

“When you set yourself a finish time – stick to it!”

This is one I struggle with because I genuinely love what I do to the point that I can look at the calendar and it’s 3pm and then when I look again it’s 9pm and I haven’t noticed the time going past but hopefully this is one that will work for you!
If you have set your workday to finish at 5pm – make sure it finishes at 5pm. If you have said that you won’t be working weekends – don’t work them! It is important that you give your body and mind chance to recharge and working over your set hours will set a precedent that you will fall into on a regular basis.

“Do not let anything distract you!”

We all have that one friend who phones in the morning and says, “hey let’s meet for a coffee!” If this is during times that you have set out that you are going to be working, then explain that to them and give them a time that you’re free. You may be working from home in your business but it’s still a job that pays and you aren’t going to complete your work if you get distracted by others.

“Small steps are still steps in the right direction!”

You may not feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with your work/life balance but any small step that you take is still a step in the right direction for you.


These are just a few of the tips that can help you find that work/life balance but there are many more out there. Start with these tips and if you find that you need to add more in maybe consider outsourcing some of your tasks to a Virtual Assistant who can help you out and increase your free time!

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