Successful Strides

Hannah and her guests dive deeper into the challenges, triumphs and everything in between that comes with running a business, from navigating the complexities of business to finding that delicate work life balance amid the chaos of entrepreneurs. She has the pleasure of sitting down with so many people and asking them the questions that she’s always wanted to ask other business owners, and her hope is that there will be lessons and tips in each episode that will also help you as a business owner.

Guests who sit down and share their stories include Lis McDermott, Simon Read, John Lewis, Fiona Scott and so many others from different industries, including hypnotherapy, HR, florists, celebrants and more.

Successful Strides is your go to podcast for inspiration, advice and real-life stories from the trenches of entrepreneurship. 

Successful Strides is a new podcast that takes you on a journey through the world of entrepreneurship and life.

Your host, Hannah Edwards, of Empowered VA Services, is a virtual assistant and social media manager from Swindon, and she wanted to start this podcast, not only to share her business journey but to hear from a variety of other business owners who have taken the time to sit down with her and share their stories of being a business owner.

She also wanted to start this podcast because it can be so hard running a business, and she thinks that as business owners, no matter what size company we run from the micro business to the huge multi employee business, we’re always quick to celebrate winning the awards, being nominated for the awards and we celebrate the big contracts, but we forget to celebrate the little things like getting the To Do List done or remembering to fire off that e-mail that we’ve been putting off for days because it might be an awkward conversation. We’re also quick to get frustrated if we fail at something, but Hannah believes that we need to remember to celebrate the fact that we tried in the first place.