Finding Your Work/Life Balance

Finding Your Work/Life Balance

When running your own business it can be really difficult to find a balance between your work and your personal life – especially if you’re like me and are a workaholic or if, again like me, you’re working a job to pay the bills whilst you build your business up.

There are so many people who have automatically fallen into having the perfect work/life balance and this can lead to thoughts of “why her and why not me?” or “how do they manage to build up a booming business and have time for their family and I’m slogging away trying to get my customers?”

Implement some of these tips that have been used by those people who have a great work/life balance and let me know if they work for you!

“Use Google calendar and set personal time throughout the day!”
It’s important that even during a work day you spend some time doing something for you. Even if it is just watching half an hour of that TV programme you really enjoy. It means your brain is getting chance to rest and your body can relax before you start again!

“Keep to a set schedule!”
Spend some time each evening before you switch off scheduling your time for the following day. That way you can get on with your to do list as soon as your work day starts. If you’ve scheduled everything ready you won’t need to work over your work day hours and can spend some time in the evening relaxing.

“When you set yourself a finish time – stick to it!”
If you have said that your work day will finish at five – make sure it finishes at five. If you have said that you won’t be working weekends – don’t work them! It is important that you give your body and mind chance to recharge and working over your set hours will set a precedent that you will fall into on a regular basis.

“Do not let anything distract you!”
We all have that one friend who phones in the morning and says “hey let’s meet for a coffee!” If this is during times that you have set out that you are going to be working then explain that too them and give them a time that you’re free. You may be working from home in your business but it’s still a job that pays and you aren’t going to complete your work if you get distracted by others.

“Small steps are still steps in the right direction!”
You may not feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with your work/life balance but any small step that you take is still a step in the right direction for you.

There are so many other ways that you can start creating a work/life balance that works for you but start with these steps and then find what works best for you!

Finding Your Work/Life Balance
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