How to Utilise Social Media for your Business – LinkedIn

Part 2: LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a popular B2B (Business-to-Business) social networking channels for professionals. Over 1 million publishers contribute more than 130,000 posts a week. Due to the B2B nature of the platform, newcomers are often unsure of what content to post and how to interact.

Here are 6 types of content that do well: 

  1. Blog Posts 
    Using LinkedIn to share your blog posts is an excellent way to increase your reach. Pushing new traffic to your blog and website, whilst also increasing your brand awareness. There are a few things you should do with the post before you post it. Introduce the post with a personal comment.

  2. Industry News and Research 
    Due to the business-to-business nature of LinkedIn, its users are actively looking for content for their industry. This makes it an ideal platform for sharing reports and research-based studies. 

  3. In-Depth How-To and List-Style Posts 
    Making these types of posts LinkedIn exclusive can do a lot for your business, although it will bypass your blog and website, it will offer you more visibility on the social media channel.

    Given the easily digestible format of how-to and list-style posts, they do very well on LinkedIn. 

  4. Quick Tips 
    Since LinkedIn is a professional network, offering tips that include leadership tips and tricks can do well. Keep your topics on subjects that will encourage productivity, professional success and leadership. Offering inspiration and helpful advice will allow your posts to stand out. 

  5. Company Updates 
    Find a way to make company updates visually appealing and interesting, these posts are great for LinkedIn!
  6. Photo Updates
    Post photos of what happens within your company, whether it is an event you have attended, employees in the office or even pets in the office! This will give a human element to your LinkedIn profile.

How to Utilise Social Media for your Business!

Part 1: Facebook

Social media is the front house of every business. It’s how you get your name out there. 

Are you utilising it as much as you should? 

Today we’re going to look at the first of five main social media platforms that businesses should use and how they differ from each other in performance. 

Many business owners have the thought process of “just put something out there” rather than having a strategic plan thinking of who they want to talk to and the influence that they will have on their readers. This means that without a plan their social media is lacking.

Social media is an environment which should be welcoming, fun and informative, without being too formal. 

First up we’re looking at Facebook.

Facebook has over 2 billion active users. Many business owners use Facebook to engage with new and existing customers. The type of content you create needs to resonate with your customers, or they will just ignore it! When consumers start to ignore your posts, Facebook will stop showing them as much to others, meaning your engagement will fall and this will stop you from getting that all-important brand awareness. In order to stop this from happening have a plan in place.

Here are 7 examples of the type of posts you should be sharing to your Facebook page:

  • – Personal Post: These posts show more about who you are and your business. This is what people want to see! It gives your clients something to relate to, and proves that it’s not just a robot behind a screen.

  • – Engagement Post: These posts easily allow your following to get involved and engage with you and your business. Use posts such as; Choose this or that?, What do you think about…?, Would you rather…?, Fill in the blanks.

  • – The Story Post: These posts will give you the best engagement. Telling a story that will resonate on a personal level and leave an impact with your readers.

  • – Motivational Post: These posts will inspire your readers and make them want to carry forward the message you are sending. People like to share these posts because it helps them, and they want to inspire others.

  • – Video Post: According to Facebook, there are over 8 billion videos watched daily! That is a massive amount in which you can see the potential of creating videos and sharing them with your audience.

  • – Humour Post: These are the best types of posts to share. They are a great way to entertain your following, build new fans and earn new engagement that you deserve! As they say, “Laughter is the best medicine”, and on Facebook laughter is the drug that will get you a lot of shares!

  • – Purpose Post – These posts add value to your followers, whether it is on a personal or professional level. They educate your followers and form a relationship of trust, meaning that they will trust your future content. Having a purpose post is also one of the most important 3Ps of Facebook marketing. 

Now you know about the different types of posts you should be able to go ahead and create some valuable content that your clients will want to see.

Next week’s post will be talking about LinkedIn.